Maintaining the integrity of the learning environment is the top priority here at Furman Middle School. Therefore, cell phone use is restricted during school except in the areas designated as free zones. Furman Middle School’s cell phone policy is as follows:

  1. Cell phone use will be allowed only in the free zone which is recreation time (the time following lunch that the students are allowed outside on the track).
  2. While in the free zones, students must use ear buds or headphones, with one ear free. Nothing from the phone should be audible (no speakers). Students may not make phone calls or text during school hours.
  3. Students may not charge any devices at school.
  4. Students are not permitted to carry cell phones on their person or in their bookbags. Upon arrival to homerooms, students must lock their cell phones in their lockers.  Prior to dismissal, students may retrieve their cell phones.
  5. Any phone communication during the instructional day will take place on school telephones with permission from office personnel. Parents should continue to call the school for any emergency situation.
  6. Possession of a cell phone by a student is a privilege, which may be forfeited by any student not abiding by the terms of this policy. Students shall be personally and solely responsible for the security of their cell phones. Furman Middle School does not assume any responsibility for theft, loss, or damage of a cell phone, or unauthorized calls made on a cell phone.

Any violations of the above policy will result in the following:

  • First violation: The student will receive a warning by an administrator, and a parent will be notified.


  • Second Violation: The cell phone will be confiscated by an administrator and returned only to a parent/guardian the next school day. The student will receive a day of ISS (Category II Referral).


  • Third Violation: The cell phone will be confiscated by an administrator and returned only to a parent/guardian.  This third violation will be considered Refusal to Obey, which is a Category III offense, and will result in out-of-school suspension.


  • If a student is found to be in violation of the cell phone policy and refuses to surrender the phone to school personnel when asked, the offense will be considered a Category III offense and will result in out-of-school suspension.