Bottoms: Solid unadorned Tan/Khaki, Black, or Navy/Dark blue colored pants, skirts, shorts, skorts and jumpers (appropriately sized) are required with no holes, shredding, distressing or fading of any kind. No  jeans, jeggings, leggings, yoga pants, sweat pants or pants made of stretchy material are allowed. No camouflage may be worn.

Tops: Any solid-colored oxford or polo type shirt (collared-long or short sleeves) is required (exceptions-no red or royal blue allowed).   A manufactured logo is allowed provided it is able to be covered with the palm of the hand. Nothing is to be on the back, down the sleeve, or across the front of the shirt. Students may wear Furman t-shirts any day of the week with uniform bottoms.  All shirts must be tucked in.

Belts: A belt must be worn in garments with belt loops.

Shoes and Shoe Laces: Any closed toe/closed heel shoe is acceptable. Students cannot wear sandals, open-toed shoes, or shoes with no backs. Bedroom shoes are not allowed.

Outerwear: Jackets, blazers or sweaters may be any solid color with no writing other than the emblem (no red, royal blue, or camouflage). No large emblems are permitted across the back, the sleeve or the front of the jacket.  Emblems on the front must be small enough that it can be covered with the palm of the hand. No pullover hoodies or sweatshirts are allowed. Any outerwear garment that prevents the ability to see the uniform shirt is prohibited. Other jackets, sweaters and headwear may be worn to school but not in the building. Non-uniform items may be stored in student lockers or in book bags.

No athletic head/sweat bands and no head scarves/bandanas may be worn.

All clothing must be appropriately sized for the school environment. District dress code still applies.
Disciplinary Actions:
1st Offense: A documented phone call to a parent by a staff member (a copy will be kept in the student’s file in the main office)
2nd Offense: In School Suspension and Guidance Referral
3rd Offense: 1-3 Class Days Out of School Suspension and Intervention Agreement
4th Offense: 3-5 Class Days Out of School Suspension
5th Offense: 5-7 Days Out of School Suspension
6th Offense: Recommendation for Expulsion