Attention all Furman students: there is a required summer reading project on the book “Holes”. Students that were at school on June 4th received their free copy and questions. Those who did not receive their copy need to come by the school and pick up the book and the questions. This assignment will count for the first couple of grades during the first week of school.

Holes Summer Reading Questions

Directions:  Answer all questions in a notebook.  This will be due and a grade the first week of school.


Chapters 1-3

  1. What options does the judge give Stanley?
  2. Why do boys go to Camp Green Lake?
  3. Explain the curse from the one-legged gypsy.
  4. Why is Stanley Yelnats name so interesting?

Chapters 4-7


  • Explain what happened that got Stanley sent to Camp Green Lake.
  • What do the boys have to do to get time off from digging holes?
  • Explain the story of Madame Zeroni and Elya Yelnats.


Chapters 8-10

  1. How does Stanley almost get in a fight?
  2. What does Stanley write to his mother about?
  3. Explain the yellow-spotted lizards.
  4. Why do the boys always line up for water in the same order? What’s the significance to this order?  

Chapters 11-14

  1. Explain what Stanley finds in his hole.
  2. How does X-Ray mistreat Stanley?
  3. Describe the Warden.
  4. Why did X-Ray wait to show the tube to the Warden?

Chapters 15-17

  1. Explain the change in digging.
  2. Explain the situation in which Stanley gets hurt.
  3. What indications are there that the Warden is getting impatient?

Chapters 18-21

  1. Explain what happens when Mr. Sir takes Stanley to the Warden.
  2. What surprised Stanley when he returned to his hole?
  3. How did Stanley’s great-grandfather claim to have survived in the desert?
  4. Why do you think Zero finishes Stanley’s hole for him?

Chapters 22-24

  1. What deal do Stanley and Zero work out?
  2. What insight did Stanley have about the tube he found in his hole?
  3. Describe Green Lake 110 years ago.

Chapters 25-28

  1. Describe Sam and Katherine.
  2. According to Sam, what could onions cure?
  3. Explain how Katherine became Kissin’ Kate Barlow.
  4. What is Zero’s real name and why is it significant?


Chapters 29-31

  1. What does the lightening reveal to Stanley?
  2. Explain how Zero reacted to Mr. Pendanski telling him he was only good for digging holes.
  3. Why does the Warden repeatedly ask Mr. Pendanski if Zero had any family or social worker who might have taken an interest in him?

Chapters 32-35

  1. Explain what happens to allow Stanley to escape.
  2. What is different about the most distant holes?
  3. Explain Sploosh.

Chapters 36-38

  1. According to Zero, how did the boat probably get its name?
  2. What scares Stanley most about dying?
  3. What does Stanley learn about himself as they climb the mountain? What does he learn about Zero?

Chapters 39-42

  1. Explain what Zero confesses to Stanley.  
  2. Why did Zero fill the bottom of their hole with rocks?
  3. Why do you think Zero chooses this moment to confess about the stolen shoes?

Chapters 43-45

  1. What did Stanley find in his old hole?
  2. Who finds Stanley and Zero?
  3. Explain what terrifying event happens when the Warden shines the light on Stanley.

Chapters 46-48

  1. What does the Warden plan on telling Stanley’s family?
  2. Explain why the suitcase belongs to Stanley.
  3. Why don’t the lizards bit Stanley or Zero?

Chapters 49-50

  1. Describe the new product that Stanley’s father invented.
  2. What happens at Camp Green Lake for the first time in over 100 years?
  3. What was in the suitcase?