Any current 7th grade TAG student has a required summer reading and assignment.  The assignment will be the first 3 grades of next year.

Copy of the online book

“Copper Sun” by Sharon Draper [p Questions

Chapter 1:  Did Amari’s tribe have any customs?  Give an example from the text.

Chapter 2:  What did the tribe think of drums?  What metaphor was used? Explain what it means.

Chapter 3:  Who was left alive in the tribe?  Why do you think the Ashanti tribe did what they did?

Chapter 4:  Why do you think the black people in town looked away, ignored, or did not help the captives?

Chapter 5:  What are some examples from the text to describe the ship?

Chapter 6:  What metaphors or descriptions were used to describe the ocean?

Chapter 7:  What happened to them if they tried to jump over the boat to escape?

Chapter 8:  What did they do to the dead on the ship?

Chapter 9:  Why do you think the red haired sailor didn’t hurt Amari?

Chapter 10:  Why do you think the women were given more freedom than the men slaves?

Chapter 11:  Why were the slaves treated differently after the storm?

Chapter 12:  Why was Amari surprised that the land was beautiful?

Chapter 13:  Why were the slaves taken to Sullivan’s island before Charles Town?

Chapter 14,15:  How was Polly different from Amari?

Chapter 16:  Describe Pollly’s parents.  How are they different and how are they the same as Amari’s parents.

Chapter 17:  In what ways did Teenie help Polly and Amari?

Chapter 18:  What does the last sentence in the chapter mean?

Chapter 19:  According to the text, what does Africa look like?

Chapter 20:  According to the text, why did the slaves sing?

Chapter 21:  Why did the plantation owner need African for planting rice?

Chapter 22:  Describe Polly’s conflicting views on slavery.  Support your answer with text.

Chapter 23:  Give examples of how Mrs. Darby (the current one) does not have a great life.

Chapter 24:  What did Clay use Tidbit for?

Chapter 25:  What was the concern for Mrs. Darby’s baby?

Chapter 26:  What was the cover-up story about the baby?

Chapter 27:  How did Mr. Darby discover the truth of the baby, and what did he do?

Chapter 28:  What was Mr. Darby’s plan for Polly, Amari and Teenie?

Chapter 29:  What did Teenie spend her last night with Tidbit doing?

Chapter 31:  What was the Doctor’s plan for the children?

Chapter 32.  What are some things that they used for navigation?

Chapter 33.  What made the 3 children sick?

Chapter 34:  How did Hushpuppy save the day?

Chapter 35:  How did they get away from their follower?

Chapter 37:  What surprise did Amari find at the Irish woman’s plantation?  

Chapter 39:  How did they cross the St. Mary’s River?

Final Question:  “Freedom is a delicate idea, like a pretty leaf in the air. It’s hard to catch, and may not be what you thought when you get it.”  


Explain this statement using examples from the story.